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SMS Double Blade Tender Knife

SMS 1015 SMS 1015-XS
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SMS Double-Bladed Tender Knife

  • One knife fits all birds, new stainless steel spring-loaded adjustable blades work on small to large birds.
  • Adjustable gap held firm with molded nylon stop nut, maintaining the gap for small to super sized birds.
  • Hinged handle allows for quick disassembly for traditional sharpening and cleaning.
  • Increases yield versus traditional X-cut, research shows 1-2 points when used correctly.
  • Quick singular cutting pass reduces labor and raises productivity levels.
  • Short learning curve on acceptable tender removal versus X-cut from months to hours.
  • Contoured blades easily track the keel with minimum pressure from the operator.
  • Contact molded design reduces risks of pathogen contamination.
  • Made in the USA!
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